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United Electric ControlsFounded in 1931, UNITED ELECTRIC known by the acronym UE or UEC, pioneered the development of microswitch instruments and developed a complete range of pressure and temperature instruments dedicated for use in the most demanding sectors of industry. Over the past few years the company, headquartered in Watertown, MA - U.S.A., has always distinguished itself by a constant striving for research and innovation, flanking the electromechanical line with a series of innovative electronic products often awarded for their originality of design, while maintaining its position as a leading company in electromechanical lines.
UE has in recent years produced such projects as the first true compact pressure switch for classified area made entirely of stainless steel, the first two-wire electronic pressure and temperature switch for classified area that does not require auxiliary power, the first SIL2/SIL3 safety transmitter with integrated threshold for high currents, and the first toxic and flammable gas detector suitable for use in Wireless HartŪ networks. UE has numerous international certifications for classified area.

DUON SYSTEM, founded in 1989, is based near Seoul in South Korea. After a satisfactory phase spent in the field of distributed control systems, it embarked in 1998 on the production, and with rapid success, of a complete line of pressure and temperature transmitters under the AUTROL brand, expanding first to the eastern part of the globe and later to the United States of America. Today, the company, as proof of the quality of its products, has instruments certified for use in the nuclear industry and has developed a new range of sensors for level monitoring.
ISO 9001-certified, DUON SYSTEM is constantly addressing research and development of new products and wants to establish itself as a major player in this competitive market. DUON operates mainly in the energy, petrochemical and oil&gas sectors and has many international certifications. Quick response time and equally quick delivery characterize its qualities.

HIRLEKAR PRECISION has been in the instrumentation market since 1974 where it initially operated in the manufacture of precision mechanisms dedicated to the production of industrial pressure gauges. In 2000 the turning point coincided with the beginning of the production of its own differential pressure gauges. The company, which operates under a quality regime and is ISO 9001 certified, is based in Pune on the west coast of India, in a modern facility, making use of the latest equipment and machinery and employing highly specialized personnel. Many the applications, from bag filter control, air filtration monitoring, general industrial filters, on compressors, natural gas, self-cleaning filters, flow control on valves, reverse flow detection. The production of differential pressure gauges is extensive, ranging from various dial sizes, operating pressures, versions for cryogenic use, heavy-duty exotic materials.
Despite the extensive product line, HIRLEKAR's production is organized in such a way as to ensure very short delivery times.


ARKON FLOW SYSTEMS, s.r.o. is a Czech company, which designs manufactures and distributes electromagnetic flow meters, the range of which is completed by ultrasonic flow and level meters. Arkon's instruments are used in water treatment, distribution and irrigation, as well as in the chemical and mining industries. The company has a range of products from simple indicators to transmitters with pulse outputs or various plug and play solutions, RS232 RS485, USB, Bluetooth, TCP/IP, GPRS, GSM-SMS, 4-20mA, Wi-Fi.
Arkon has also developed the Agrimag line, a user-friendly and low-cost polypropylene transmitter available with either traditional or battery power for those areas where an appropriate power source is not available, available in sizes up to 3".

Founded in 1974 FFE LTD designs and manufactures fire detection solutions, fire extinguishers for aviation and is known for being the company to have made the first infrared flame detectors, and today the fastest in the world. The company, headquartered in Hitchin, Hertfordshire UK, operates in many markets internationally and is also dedicated to the production of adjustable calibration vibration switches, more commonly referred to as vibrostats, for detecting abnormal vibration levels in industrial machinery and rotating devices. These instruments allow an alarm or safety lockout to be triggered when the pre-set level is reached. Vibrostats made by FFE are compact and reliable and have manual reset versions as well as classified area models.

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