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  Pressure Transmitters SIL2/SIL3 with safety relay
Series 2SLP   
OneST series has an integrated logic solver, it can supply the switch signal directly to the devices in the field (pumps, compressors, valves), in less than 100 milliseconds, without loss of precious time for the system control logic and with reduced costs. 
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    Back-lighted digital display 
    Indication of process values, state, self-diagnostic, programming
    4-20 mA output  with field scaling capability
    Safety relay with high rating
    Set point, and dead-band programmable over the full range
    SIL2 (SIL3 capable) Certified for Safety Instrumented Systems
    ATEX, UL, cUL,EAC (Russia, Kazakhstan, Bielorussia), IECEx

High Risk Reduction Factor (RRF)
High Safety Failure Fraction (SFF)

Integrate Sensor, logic solver and final element
External control capability without additional SIF components
Indicator, Transmitter and switch in just one instrument
Safety Relay as final element
Costs reduction

                                   Power supply from
4/20 mA Loop
                                   13 differente pressure ranges/set from -1 up to 414 bar
                                   Relay rating: VAC o VDC (see table)
                                   4/20 mA output with adjustable span
                                   Switch status ouput: 30 Vdc,20mA max to PLC
                                   Self-diagnostic output to PLC/DCS
                                   Dead-band programmabile over the full range
                                   Switch response time: lower than 100 milliseconds

                                    SIL2/SIL3 EXIDA Certificate as per IEC 61508
                                    Tehnical brochure
                                    Installation and maintenance instructions
                                    Safety Manual 
                                    Improve process safety

CE - EuropaCSA - CanadaUL - USAATEX Exd Explosion-proofCertificazione Euro-AsiaticaIECEx_Certificate



  • Instrumented Safety Systems design (SIS)
  • Monitoring of lubrication oil pressure, high pressure, bearings pressure, predictive maintenance.
  • Hydraulic Oil pressure - High pressure monitoring, emergency shut-down, low pressure alarm.
  • Filters monitoring, flow rate control.
  • Existing plants improvements.
2SLP472-wire loop-powered or 24 VDC fixed current power supply,
Solid-state relay rated at 12-250 VAC @ 5 mA-5 Amperes
2 status switch   outputs each rated at 30 VDC @ 20 mA  
2SLP482-wire loop-powered or 24 VDC fixed current power supply,
Solid-state relay rated at  30 VDC @ 6 Amperes (1.8 A pilot duty rating),        
2 status switch outputs each rated at 30 VDC @ 20 mA
2SLP492-wire loop-powered or 24 VDC fixed current power supply,
Solid-state relay rated at 130 VDC @ 2.5 Amperes (Q150 pilot duty    rating),   2 status switch outputs each rated at 30 VDC @ 20 mA

 Pressure Differential pressure
Gauge pressure, piezo-resistive strain gage, silicone oil fill, 316L stainless wetted materials, 1/2” NPT (female) process connection
P06-1/2,06 bar 4137 millibar
P08-1/6,9 bar13,8 bar
P100/0,34 bar690 millibar
P110/1,03 bar2,07 bar
P120/2,07 bar4,13 bar
P130/3,4 bar6,89 bar
P140/6,9 bar14 bar
P150/21 bar41,4 bar
P160/34,5 bar69 bar
P170/69 bar138 bar
P180/207 bar414 bar 
P190/310 bar620 bar
P200/414 bar827 bar
Cod.RangeStatic pressure
Differential pressure, piezo-resistive strain gage, silicone oil fill, 316L stainless wetted materials, 1/4” NPT (male) process connections
K100/345 millibar690 millibar
K110/3,45 bar34,5 bar
K120/6,9 bar103 bar
K130/13,8 bar103 bar


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